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 "When did Bubba go thataway?"

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                                                                                                              Pat Prescott
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Welcome to my new website, which replaces the formerly website.  This updated website was designed to highlight more of my style of carving.  Come in and look around at my work.

My carving career began in 1981 when I discovered Harold Enlow's book, "Carving Ozark Caricatures".  I found that I love carving and it has been a very important part of my life since then.  I am a co-founder of the Caricature Carvers of America and served as its first president.  I have participated in many of their carving projects.

I have enjoyed carving and teaching loads of fun projects in my carving career over the years.  My background as a professional educator with nearly 30 years experience in the classroom, teaching Biology and coaching football, has enhanced my teaching career in carving.  It always gives me great pleasure and satisfaction teaching others how to carve and to share my love and enthusiasm for carving.  I participate in many carving seminars across the country throughout the year.  The side bars here and these pages of my website show many of my favorite projects for carvers of all levels.

My gallery shows some of my favorite pieces.  My roughouts page shows many of my projects that have been turned into roughouts for you to carve at home or in one of my many seminars.  My seminar page shows where you can catch one of my classes and on the links page you can find links to many of my friends and associates.

                                                   When you are taking your best girl to the square dance,
                                                                                   call the "Cowboy Limo".

And when you're finished drinking
you can stop up your bottle

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              Bull Riding is tough work!


           Being Santa is hard work too.

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